Increase the Life of
Your Hybrid Battery

Decrease Your Lifetime Cost

Prevention is healthier than a cure...

Think about this analogy:

People who have routine heart checkups are most often prescribed diet, exercise, and perhaps some medication. However, failing to do so could lead to that person needing open-heart surgery down the road.

Similarly, most hybrid vehicle owners are unaware that the warning indicators will only appear when their hybrid battery is in critical condition.

At K.A.C. Hybrid Battery Clinic we have the technology to correct the critical condition; however, we would like to help prevent it all together. We offer a Yearly Maintenance wherein we will assess the health of your hybrid battery and improve the weaknesses as they (and when they) occur... instead of waiting until it becomes critical. This saves you money!

We have rebuilt over 300 batteries in our first 3 years!

We rebuilt all types of hybrid vehicle batteries. Let us help you extend the life of your hybrid vehicle battery.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose K.A.C. Hybrid Battery clinic to extend the life of your hybrid battery, but here are the top 5 reasons.


Brand new batteries are extremely expensive.

Second-hand batteries are unreliable.

We can provide up to a 3-year warranty.

We give you a full education on your battery.

Punctuality and attention to detail.



5 star review  Contacted kaveen through my friend, he explained everything very clearly. One of the best thing about KAC, they take all the time to explain everything very satisfyingly. I just had to tell the code number and kaveen told me what was wrong. Didn't believe him so got the scan at another place who told me the sake thing kaveen said. Wasted money there. I was very unlucky and took me about 2 months to find the battery. Kaveen was always there to consult. After checking about 8 batteries from Colombo to kurunagala to ambalangoda, found a good one at one of the contacts I found on KAC website. Loved the service the mobile team gave. Rumesh was very informative and extremely knowledgeable not like a normal mechanic. Little things like they were very punctual, they did not bother calling me for directions on every turn. This made their exceptional service to a excellent exceptional service! Thank you KAC for being patient and not thinking I'm just another person who is wasting your time for 2 months. Highly recommend you for anyone and everyone who asks my advice ok buying a hybrid vehicle I have been giving your number to check the battery status before they buy.

thumb Muzaffer Sadique

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